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Digital Transcription and How It Works

Digital transcription involves the dictation/recording of voice onto a digital recording device, which is then played back for transcription. The huge advantage is that it allows you to record your dictation and send the digital file immediately to us for digital transcription. This enables us to receive your digital file no matter where you are in the world, allowing us to get on with the job immediately, if necessary.

We use Express Scribe software, which has the ability to play most audio file formats (including encrypted dictation files), such as wav, mp3, dct and dss.

We pick up files from your account, transcribe the documents and return the completed document in Word format.

The time taken in transcribing tapes depends on a number of factors. The professional industry standard allows ONE hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clearly recorded speech. However, transcriptions of one to one interviews can take up to six times the length of tape and multiple interviews up to eight times. The timings are dependent upon the quality of the recording, the clarity of the speaker(s), the number of speakers and the speed at which they are speaking.

Your typing/word processing staff do not need to be located in your office. Many legal and medical organisations are switching to digital transcription because of the efficiencies and cost savings it provides.

If you already have digital dictation equipment, then Type 4 You could be transcribing for you before you finish reading this website.

For advice on ensuring the best quality recordings please see our 8 Steps to Quality Dictation page