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"Rates start from 95p per audio minute"

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About Type 4 You

Type 4 You is a UK based secretarial company specialising in audio digital transcription – everything from a two page CV, that will impress any potential employer, to a 150,000 word manuscript that you need in time for your publisher's deadline. With over 25 years of secretarial experience behind us, and at all levels, we can assist you in all your data entry and word processing requirements.

We use only the best and latest software for the job including Word, and Excel. We take your instructions, get the work done in the shortest possible time and return it to you via a choice of methods including: e-mail, snail mail, courier service.

You can take advantage of our services seven days a week! Relax and let us take care of your office worries leaving you secure in the knowledge that your work can be done any day - no more worries about having to leave jobs until after the weekend - you can contact Type 4 You at any time.